MIT Students visit West Philadelphia Neighborhoods

15 enthusiastic students and Professors Ann Sprin and Jim Wescoat from MIT converged on Philadelphia, Saturday, October 16, 2010 to observe the path of the creek known as Mill Creek. They were accompanied by students and staff from Earth’s Keepers, Youth Agriculture and Entrepreneurs Program. They toured the West Philly neighborhoods looking for ways to improve and beautify the landscape while converting storm water from the sewers to green space. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and a great experience for the youth. We hope Philadelphia take advantage of the creative ideas of the students.

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Earthkeepers Interview Each Other About Their Work

Cashmiere interviews Alicia:

Alicia interviews Cashmiere:

Cashmiere interviews Erica:

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What we learned so far at Earthskeepers

Starting our new job at Earthskeepers we learned alot of things. We learned our job only use organic food to feed our plants. Our plants are very well grown and we learned different vocabulary to use in our garden. We pick weeds to make sure there are no weeds to take away the nutrients of the plants. We also kept together as one team and one sound.

Post by Johanna & Anissa.

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The Life Of A Garden

Above, Erica Adeleye reads her poem.

The life a garden beholds is one of beauty.

A place where you can be one with nature and all creations.

From the birds to the bees, to the weeds and the leaves.

We all need a little dirt to grow!

The funny thing about a garden is that beauty lives within its gates.

And you will relize under it all something not so beautiful.

Thorns and weeds, grow there, the bugs may scare you and the soil may be messy, but they all help to create vivid colors.

Sweet aromas, and sensations, fruit and vegatables alike, play an important role in the gift of life.

In the garden where all is simple, pure and scerene.

Post by Erica Adeleye.

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The Beauty of Mother Nature!

Have you ever wondered how plants grow, and what makes Mother Nature so pure and healthy? Well as an employee at Earthkeepers you get the opportunity to discover how to maintain a healthy garden. Of course it’s not easy to try to keep the plants so healthy and organic. I Kneel down all the time while weeding off weeds and plucking away bugs just to protect the plants growth, but at the end the results are worth it because you get the chance to see how beautiful mother nature is.

Post by Laila Sheriff.

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